DOWNHAM NEWS April 2007 

Gateway - My Way

Each month we put a local resident or personality in the spotlight and today it's Jimmy Jemain, who is now firmly established as the No 1 Cliff Richard lookalike and soundalike. Apart from a short spell as a mechanic after school, Jimmy has always been singing and won the TV series “Stars In Their Eyes” in 1990 which was a huge springboard to his world wide showbiz career.

Jimmy Jemain
Bethnal Green, London
Zodiac Sign
Marital Status
Married to Jae
Melody who is 16
Two and a tour bus
3 cats and a Cocker Spaniel called Millie
Cliff Richard impersonator
Previous Jobs
Favourite National Newspaper
Daily Express
Childhood Hero
Cliff Richard
Biggest Disappointment
By Step-Dad dying so young
Favourite Food and Drink
Roast Dinner (cooked by my wife) red wine
Radio controlled planes, large boats, restoring cars, DIY
Self-important people, Turkish Delight, Traffic Jams on the way
to gigs,4 x 4 tax!!! Bodgers in the building trade who pretend
they can do a job and you end up doing it yourself
Favourite TV Shows
Life on Mars, Top Gear
TV Shows you always turn off
Favourite Books
DIY and renovation books, house and garden design
Favourite Film Stars
Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro
Favourite Five Songs of all Time
Love me Do, The Beatles; Ocean Deep, Cliff Richard;
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Leo Sayer, Won't
Somebody Dance with me, Lyndsey De Paul, Johnny be Good, Chuck Berry
What was the first record you ever bought
Band on the Run, Paul McCartney
Who would you most light to throw a custard pie at
Agents and Venues who don't pay up when you have done your job
Holiday Destination
Australia. Anywhere hot and relaxing and not commercialised
Where did you spend your last holiday
New Zealand
Biggest influence on your life
Cliff Richard
I am not superstitious
To have my own top ten hit as myself
Who would you like to meet
Billy Connolly
Proudest moments
Winning “Stars in Their Eyes”, the birth of my daughter Melody
If you were granted a single wish, what would it be
World Peace
If you won the Lottery, how would you spend it
Buy a boat in Southern Spain, pay off the mortgage and look
after my family and friends
Where you would most like to live
Australia but it's too far, so either Portugal or Spain

To be continued………….